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Century-old Wineries from Haro

Haro has the largest concentration of centuries-old wineries in the world, among them Carlos Serres.

This is due to the arrival of the railway station in the second half of the 19th century. It provided an alternative to traditional horse-drawn transport and had the backing of the winemakers, who were seeking to respond to the phylloxera pest which devastated their vineyards.

Carlos Serres, CVNE, Gómez Cruzado, Bodegas Bilbaínas and López de Heredia-Viña Tondonia are among the wineries which have surpassed their first century, combining tradition and modernity in both their facilities and their wines.

Today, the old railway station which gave name to the district is closed and only a memory of the past. However, the century-old wineries are still in Haro, endorsing the city’s status as the region’s wine epicentre.
In the past, but also today.